About Us


Values not only influence how people get on with each other but they also have an impact on the aims and activities of companies. They can provide assurance and act as a guide. That is why we have been through a long term process to work out what the most important values are for us. We had a lot of fun, but also had critical discussions about some complex topics and looked closely into what should shape our behaviour in future.


Intrinsic motivation and enjoyment in our work combined with our expertise and commitment are the key factors behind our success. We work on the basis of clearly defined targets and priorities. Our actions are characterized by open, constructive dialogue with each other, the readiness to question things and the willingness to constantly improve ourselves on both personal and professional levels.

Wert Leistung

Solution-oriented Approach

Participation in constructive discussions is a valuable component of our daily work. We don’t take objective criticism personally, we share knowledge and support each other throughout the company. We do our best to turn challenges into opportunities and often solve them creatively and matter-of-factly. Instead of blaming someone when errors occur, we analyse the causes, remedy them and try to avoid them happening again. A positive attitude to life, a willingness to learn from experience and having a feeling for how your own actions impact on the whole company are important basic requirements for this.

Werte Loesungsorientierung

Social Commitment

We are committed to helping disadvantaged children, young people, people with disabilities and disadvantaged senior citizens in a variety of ways. Integration, education and health are all particularly close to our hearts. 80% of our involvement focuses on regional projects. This enables us to help society on a personal level in many different ways. This means that as well as helping other people we also broaden our own horizons. Above and beyond that our aim is to integrate our social commitment even more strongly within our value adding chain in order to combine our activities for the common good even more intensively with our own.

Soziales Engagement


Being able to trust in your own ability and in your colleagues’ behaviour is an important requirement for our work. We place great store on reliability, discretion, the ability to respond to constructive criticism, dependability and helpfulness. Our long tradition of achieving constant growth with an honest and open communicative style across all levels of the hierarchy has formed strong foundations for working together in a spirit of mutual trust.



Freedom means having the opportunity to influence things and be creative, but it also involves taking responsibility and a high degree of loyalty. Our daily work is characterized by family-friendly working times, diversity of opinions, comprehensive opportunities for continuing development and the courage to swim against the tide.