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The Draco® brand has the right dressings for many different kinds of wounds. This product range covers everything from professional, modern wound management and classic wound care to compression therapy and sports medicine. DRACO® products are available on prescription and as practice supplies or are offered exclusively by us to professional groups.

We carry out constant quality assurance procedures and continuously develop our products according to the latest cutting-edge research. Our benchmarks are set to serve the very different needs of each individual person.

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DracoFoam Infekt includes various foam dressings for chronic, acute and infected wounds.

DracoFoam includes various foam dressings for chronic and acute wounds.

DracoAlgin is used to reduce wound depth.

DracoHydro includes various hydrocolloid wound dressings.

DracoTüll is a wound contact dressing.

Hydro and Wound Gel are for deconterminating and/or humidifying appropriately to the individual wounds.

Gauzes are various covers in different forms and shapes.

Bandages and Fixations are used to fix different wound dressings.

DracoPor are sterile wound dressings for acute wounds

DracoPlast are plasters to treat small acute wounds, insect bites or blisters.

Sports Medicine includes various products used to treat sporting injuries

DRACO Wound Care