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Occlusion Therapy

Occlusion therapy is used to correct visual impairment of functional origin in children. A frequent cause is strabismus, which can be treated successfully under the specialist supervision of an ophthalmologist or orthoptist. This involves covering the healthy eye with a patch for a specific amount of time each day, so that the weaker eye is forced to work. By motivating their child to wear the patch, parents play an important role in the success of the therapy. Piratoplast provides information and motivational material free of charge.


Mixes are mixes of eye patches with different colors. They are available with standard and sensitive adhesive. The mix can be composed by the children themselves.

Babies, Girls and Boys are eye patches with different colors and pictures, for babies, boys and girls.

Classic products include natural colored eye patches with stickers to customize them.

Piratoplast Eye Patches