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Wound Care

Classic Wound Care

Classic wound management techniques tend to be applied primarily for the treatment of acute injuries to the skin or following surgical intervention. The purpose of the wound dressing is to facilitate haemostasis and to form a protective barrier against germs and bacteria. The wound will then heal on its own within a few days or weeks.
Products used for classic wound care commonly include sterile and non-sterile wound dressings, gauze and elastic bandages.
Elastic bandages are also used in professional, moist wound care. They are used to fix dressings developed specifically for chronic wounds.

Gauzes are various covers in different forms and shapes.

Bandages and Fixations are used to fix different wound dressings.

DracoPor are sterile wound dressings for acute wounds

DracoPlast are plasters to treat small acute wounds, insect bites or blisters.

Sports Medicine includes various products used to treat sporting injuries.

Modern, Moist Wound Care

Chronic wounds are treated according to the modern, moist wound care approach. We define chronic wounds as those that display no signs of healing after four weeks, an indication that the healing process is in some way impaired. In this case it is assumed that the patient is suffering from an underlying primary disease.
The treatment of chronic wounds presents a major challenge to the attending physician and nursing practitioner. Modern, moist wound treatment can positively influence the therapeutic process. Effective treatment requires the use of sterile, moist wound dressings carefully adapted to the healing phases that create conditions conducive to the healing process.
Modern wound dressings maintain a moist environment around the wound area and absorb excess exudate and toxic elements. They allow gaseous exchange and provide thermal insulation. In this way the modern wound dressing protects the patient from external secondary infections, but can also be changed without trauma or the deposit of fibres and other foreign particles.



DracoFoam Infekt includes various foam dressings for chronic, acute and infected wounds.

DracoFoam includes various foam dressings for chronic and acute wounds.

DracoAlgin is used to reduce wound depth.

DracoHydro includes various hydrocolloid wound dressings.

DracoTüll is a wound contact dressing.

Hydro and Wound Gel are for deconterminating and/or humidifying appropriately to the individual wounds.

DRACO Modern Wound Care