Human Resources Development

As a fast-growing, medium-sized company with ambitious goals, we attach great importance to selecting, training and continuously assisting our employees in the best possible way. 

The management receives support in the selection of suitable applicants from the Human Resource Management department. Well-prepared job interviews take place on two different dates under the eight eyes principle. This way both we and the applicants can get a good impression of each other.

The personnel induction includes individual plans tailored to the respective department and regular feedback interviews during the probationary period. In addition, we communicate our corporate values to our new employees in workshops and respond to questions and suggestions. 

An exchange between employees and managers takes place regularly in annual meetings. A review is carried out, common goals are formulated and ways are worked out how these can be achieved. This can take the form of advanced training, internal coaching and development programmes on the topics of leadership, communication, the ability to deal with conflicts and criticism. 

All these skills are important for a healthy working atmosphere in the company and in the individual teams. In addition, we offer a wide range of opportunities for interdisciplinary, cross-departmental exchange, such as workshops on our corporate values, team development activities, community activities and the annual employee workshops.