Social Commitment

Community Support

In 2006 we had the idea of setting up our Social Days to help members of staff experience what it means to get involved in social projects. Once a year our staff spends a day together supporting a good cause in the community.

As the number of employees is constantly growing and we want our support to be as sustainable as possible, we now distribute the employees’ hours throughout the whole year. 

Since January 2016, we are now in our third year of volunteering for three days a week in the Children’s and Youth Canteen at the Ruhrtal Engel e.V.. Our staff also regularly help out in the refugee centre in Witten, handing clothes and organising games and activities for children.

2015 – We continued our work from 2014 with the Ruhrtal Engel e.V.. Some of our staff also took part in the sports and creative activities which were designed for people with mental health problems at the Lebenshilfe Witten. These activities gave us an insight into the environments these people live in.

2014 – Our staff spent a total of around 1,000 hours spread out over the year in Witten’s Children’s and Youth Canteen run by the Ruhrtal Engel e.V.. Each week two members of staff spent three days helping the volunteers to prepare food and help children from low income families with their homework.

2013 – We spent several days rafting on the River Ruhr together with people with disabilities from the Lebenshilfe group. Over a period of six days a total of 150 people with and without disabilities paddled from Hattingen to Bochum-Dahlhausen and enjoyed the wind and weather.  

2012 – We dedicated the day to Sterntaler e.V. in Herdecke. On 29 September we worked on the 2,000 m² Avalon garden where children who have cancer, are chronically ill or have disabilities can spend time with their parents recovering from their strenuous therapies, gather strength and take their minds off things. Together with members of the society, we built some new things and renovated the old ones. 

2011 – On 17 September, in beautiful weather, we donated a day to bodo e.V., the homeless support society. Lots of visitors came to the marquees we had set up in Dortmund city centre to found out about the society’s work. Hundreds of balloons and lots of information sheets were handed out. More than 700 Euros of donations were collected at the book and cake stands as well. 

2010 - We renovated the schoolyard at a neighbouring primary school. At the “Playful help” project on Saturday 26 June 2010, our staff picked up their sanding paper and brushes to give the dilapidated schoolyard at the Erlenschule a shiny brand new look. At the same time, we supervised a programme of games for all the primary school children and their families.

2009 – Together with the Lebenshilfe charity and the Freie Pädagogische Intiative Unna, we helped with a unique project from 17th to 22nd August. In the “Experience your dreams” project, people with and without disabilities put on circus acts together.

2008 – We organised a local street festival in Witten-Annen.

2007 – We organised a colourful summer festival for the residents in the young people’s home at the Werkstatt Volmarstein.  

2006  - We put on an Advent afternoon for the residents of the Diakonie Ruhr’s Feierabendhaus, a home for senior citizens.