Social Commitment

Current Projects

Social responsibility is a firm part of our corporate philosophy and is one of our five key company values. 

We have been supporting a large number of social projects in Germany and in other countries for many years. In addition to financial and material donations we consider it to be very important that our staff are actively involved in improving the lives of disadvantaged children and young people as well as people with disabilities and disadvantaged senior citizens.

In the year 1998 we worked together with a sheltered workshop for people with disabilities for the first time. Today our products are packaged in a total of eleven different workshops like this in the region. Within our company, people with disabilities are also integrated as essential members of our team, and it would be difficult to imagine not having them as our colleagues now.

So as to continue supporting people in need in other countries, we still remain loyal to the international charitable organisations Andheri-Hilfe Bonn e.V. and German Doctors e.V. and we continue to support them in their important work.

In 2010 we founded a Child Advisory Board to help disadvantaged children in Germany and abroad. In this committee a group of children make decisions about how to distribute donations for aid projects.
Up to 80% of our support is provided on national, regional and local levels.

Since 2006, our staff have been dedicated to providing help in our district and local area on our so-called “Social Days”. We also organise smaller projects nearby where any interested members of staff can get actively involved for disadvantaged children, young people, people with disabilities or disadvantaged senior citizens. This includes things like climbing on a high ropes course with children with special needs, the annual carol singing in a senior citizens’ home or running job application training workshops for disadvantaged young people. Members of the management also support young apprentices with physical disabilities in a long-term project.

In all of these activities we feel it is very important that our involvement is meaningful for both sides. That is why our support activities are always oriented to the needs of the social partners. It is very useful for our company when staff broaden their horizons, gather important personal experience and gain new impetus for their everyday working lives. Our shared commitments help us to keep our feet on the ground and create a strong bond between us.