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discovering hands

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer diseases in women. Early detection of tumours allows for a less onerous treatment and considerably improves the chances of survival.

However, the offers for prevention and early detection of cancer provided in Germany are not optimal. Women under the age of 50 do not have access to routine mammography screenings, and there are no standardised and validated procedures for palpation by a gynaecologist, which is often conducted under great time pressure.

"discovering hands" provides a useful addition to the existing prevention offers: The company trains blind and visually impaired women to become "medical-tactile examiners", thereby harnessing their sense of touch which has been proven to be superior. The palpation result is significantly more accurate than one's own or the gynaecologist's. 

We support this innovative concept which is based on turning supposed weaknesses into strengths and provide our own female employees with the opportunity to receive such an examination free of charge.

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