Social Commitment

German Doctors e.V.

German Doctors e.V. sends German doctors on short-term assignments to medical emergency and disaster areas. In eight projects on the Philipines, Bangladesh, Kenia and Sierra Leone these doctors help on a voluntary basis to run medical care centres and to treat patients who are in urgent need of medical aid. The doctors who are deployed in this way do the work during their annual holiday, or after they have retired, for a period of 6 weeks and waive all forms of payment for their work. In this way it has been possible for more than 3,000 doctors to be deployed on more than 6,400 assignments since 1983.

When you choose or are prescribed DRACO® you are also supporting the German Doctors work. Thanks to the steady growth of our sales, we are not only in a position to continue our many years of cooperation with this international aid organisation, step by step we are also able to increase our involvement.

Since 2007 we have been providing more and more support for the vaccination campaign in the slums of Calcutta as an effective way to prevent disease. Together with five other dedicated companies we have also been helping this society as an active member of the support group since the spring of 2010 to extend the doctors projects, to develop new projects and to constantly improve the organisation. All the companies in the support group provide financial and material resources, specialist knowledge and personnel.

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