Social Commitment

Palliative care centre for children in Datteln

Children with a life-shortening disease require exceptional care. The palliative care centre for children at Vestische Kinder- und Jugendklinik Datteln provides children, adolescents and young adults suffering from life-threatening diseases with a reliable source of support. 

The centre focuses on pain therapy, treatment of painful symptoms and ensuring mental and spiritual welfare. A multi-professional team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, teachers and qualified volunteers helps affected children and their families to deal with the disease and to experience their valuable remaining time with each other as intensely as possible.

We have been supporting the centre's work for many years. As part of a so-called "short-term switch" (Kurzwechsel), a member of the management board spent one week on site to observe and get to know the centre's work up close.

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